A Perfect Metaphor For Life

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This weekend we took a trip as a family to Charleston to visit my little sister. My wife, Chrissy, loves the beach. As a result, we all went to the beach for a beautiful morning. There is nothing quite as amazing as a beach with a four, six, and seven-year-old. They had a blast playing in the waves. We combed the beach looking for unique sea shells. All in all, it was a perfect morning.

As we sat by the surf, butt in the sand toes in the waves, I recalled a metaphor I had read. It takes about how we are like the waves at the beach. You can stand at the shore and count each wave as it comes in and goes out. As one wave breaks on the shore, it is meet with by the previous wave going back to the ocean. Just as each wave is separate it is still part of the ocean as a whole. Where do the waves end and the ocean begin?

This is just as we each exist. We can count each life, each person, separately. We can view each of us as we enter and exit this world. Just as the wave can’t be without the ocean, we can’t be without all the interconnected parts of our world. We are all one with every ray of sunlight, every tree, every life form. They Each provide os with energy, oxygen, or food. Without these we could not exist.

A new idea was also brought up that I had never really thought about before. Chrissy and I sat in the sand and she grabbed a handful of sand and just looked at it.

“What is it baby,” I asked.

“I was just thinking how this sand is seashells that could be hundreds of thousands of years old. This sand could have traveled all around the world before it ending its journey here for me to pick up.”

So here is another great view of our lives and our world provided by the ocean. We are all a part of the past. Each of us stands on the shoulders of the generation before us. As the beach is layer after layer of younger shells or stone. I love this idea. it is our jobs, Chrissy and I, to help our children grow. It is the goal of all parents to have there children have a better life then we were able. As the sands build on each other for a larger more grand beach, so our children depend on us to teach them to be better people then we were able.

What a great place to the the the the the the beach is to go and find peace. The salt water is wonderful to wash away your stress. As you sit with the cares of the day or week or month being slowly melted and washed out into a vast seeming endless water, what do you contemplate? What images does this magical place bring to your mind? I would love to hear what metaphors come to you. Share in the comments below.

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