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Three Qualities We All Need

Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men.  ~Confucius We must be wise enough to seek to understand and learn more about ourselves.  Wisdom is more a desire for knowledge than knowledge itself. Compassion will help us to find the love of all life.  When we are filled with compassion… Continue reading Three Qualities We All Need


A Perfect Metaphor For Life

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This weekend we took a trip as a family to Charleston to visit my little sister. My wife, Chrissy, loves the beach. As a result, we all went to the beach for a beautiful morning. There is nothing quite as amazing as a beach with a four, six, and seven-year-old.… Continue reading A Perfect Metaphor For Life


The Secret To a Perfect Relationship

Today I am going to share a secret that I have discovered. A secret for the perfect relationship. This could possibly be the best-kept secret but the most helpful approach to saving any of your relationships. It can bring happiness that was once so elusive back to you. It will, if fully used, make you… Continue reading The Secret To a Perfect Relationship


Mindful In Four Breaths

For the first post I thought I would start with a quick practice. This is a great way to handle those moments in our everyday life that can cause stress or aggravation. I use this often to help calm myself when I can feel anger and aggravation start to build. Find a comfortable sitting position,… Continue reading Mindful In Four Breaths